Bounty hunters and fugitive shoot each other dead in Texas

Peters says Garcia Jr. had made hundreds of arrests without incident.

Similarly, Bernal and Garcia didn’t follow standard bounty hunter protocol, says Michael Phariss, the division chief of Texas Response Group, a private security and investigations firm in Carrollton. “That’s why we referred it to Fidel and we’d been working back-and-forth on the case over the last two weeks”.

As the bounty hunters attempted to handcuff Hutchinson, he reached for his gun.

Hutchinson was in an office with another person when the bounty hunters approached and began giving him commands to stand down and not resist, authorities said.

A woman in the auto showroom can then be heard shouting, “no, no”, as there’s a struggle, before Hutchinson manages to reclaim his gun and begin firing.

Police said the three fired approximately 20 shots in just six seconds.

Although there was significant damage to the front windows of the dealership, no customers or employees were injured. So was the suspect, Ramon Hutchinson, 49. Hutchinson tried to pull a gun from his waistband and all three went for it.

When he did, they approached him and drew their weapons.

The men died at the scene. They said Garcia owned F.N.G.

In a 911 call, a woman says she’s hiding in a bathroom.

The pursuit had begun after Hutchinson failed to attend a court hearing for several charges, including the assault of a law enforcement officer.

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Bail enforcement agent Stew Peters has been tracking down wanted fugitives for 14 years.

Bounty hunters typically collect 10 percent of whatever the amount of the bond is that the suspect skips out on. “In many cases, this requires agents of USFRE to cross state lines, and even travel outside of the United States to bring a fugitive to justice”.

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