UK poll: Labour neck-and-neck with Tories

I have said earlier that it will be a dramatic election, but nothing like what we are seeing right now.

“But we have to be prepared to stand up for Britain”.

He said: “If we did use it, millions are going to die”.

Since then, the gap appears to have shrunk significantly – down to just five percentage points compared to 15 just over two weeks ago, according to a survey from Ipsos MORI. In the wake of the news the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, sprung a surprise announcement: that he would attend a televised BBC debate with the other main party leaders.

Labour’s plans will make sure everyone shares in our country’s wealth”.

“It is clear that on contact with the voters, Mrs May is not going down well and she is losing ground in particular amongst middle-aged voters and female voters”, Ben Page, chief executive of Ipsos MORI, told Reuters. “A Labour vote could be a very expensive vote on Thursday”.

Corbyn says: “No.” The clip is cut off at that point but the full quote was: “No, I think what you have to say is all bombing has to be condemned and you have to bring about a peace process”.

The findings echo other recent polls which show May’s once commanding lead of more than 20 points when she called the campaign being whittled away, meaning she might no longer win the landslide she hoped.

Theresa May has refused to rule out an income tax rise, despite senior ministers pledging there will be “absolutely” no increase for higher earners.

Failure to win the June 8 election with a large majority would weaken May just as formal Brexit talks are due to begin while the loss of her majority in Parliament would pitch British politics into turmoil.

Against the Bank of England’s trade-weighted basket, which measures sterling’s broader strength, the pound is now back where it was on 9 April, before May called the election. May could cobble together a shaky coalition by attracting some support from UKIP and the Liberals, but with the Brexit plan needing to be approved in the next few months, her margin for error is extremely small.

On Brexit, Mr Corbyn defended his team’s ability to handle the negotiations, with immediate legislation to protect the rights of EU nationals in the United Kingdom and work to “guarantee trade access to the European markets and protection for the conditions we have achieved through EU membership”.

After hosting a roundtable with pensioners in Lincoln, Mr Corbyn was asked if he would keep the British people safe as prime minister. On Brexit, Theresa May’s approach seems to be just shouting at people across the Channel.While I was talking to Harvey outside the pound shop, his friend David Prince, another ex-miner, rolled up on his mobility scooter.However the findings contrast sharply with a ComRes poll for the Independent and Sunday Mirror which still shows the Conservatives with a healthy 12 point advantage.”He’s a nutter, he is”.But after the changes attracted criticism and were dubbed a “dementia tax” by critics, Mrs May performed a u-turn and committed to a cap on the total costs people would face.

Mrs May repeated her mantra that “the only poll that matters is the one that takes place on polling day”.

“Low- and middle-income earners have seen no guarantee from Theresa May that their taxes won’t be raised”.

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