Larson will sit in opposition if NDP-Green deal succeeds

But he said the Liberals, who fell one seat short of a majority, learned a valuable lesson from this past election-that they need to rebuild trust in some parts of the province.

Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon was not there, instead the two party leaders handed the signatures over to her executive assistant.

“We’re not going to stop work at Site C while that review takes place but we have a six week and a three month time frame for preliminary response and final response”. Nevertheless, it is very detailed and ambitious. The agreement echoes the NDP platform, pledging to meet government guidelines for for public and private care homes.

It will be interesting to see how this alliance between the NDP and the Greens works in practice. They are also proposing to extend it to fugitive emissions and slash-burning.

“But they’ve put it in writing that they will support the New Democrats”.

The only thing less likely than a Liberal minority to survive the next four years in power is a coalition of the NDP backed by the growing, but still reed-thin, bulwark of the Greens. Details are to be sorted out later. The Greens have yet to reach the minimum four MLAs needed for automatic party status.

What we got were platitudes from Clark about the message from voters being about cooperation, ill-advised bluster from B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver about forcing a change to the voting system without a referendum, and hollow rhetoric from NDP leader John Horgan that nearly 60 per cent of voters rejected the B.C. Liberals.

Local MLA Katrine Conroy is confident that the BC NDP will get a chance to form government after the BC NDP Caucus and BC Green Caucus ratified a confidence and supply agreement on Tuesday afternoon.

“Today, we’re already seeing capital leaving Canada and moving towards the U.S”.

Horgan has said he wouldn’t want to change the electoral system without a referendum.

Norman Ruff, a longtime observer of B.C. politics, described the NDP-Green plan as ambitious and evidence of their political will to join in ousting the Liberals from office. However, with only 44 seats (with Green support), and the necessity of appointing a speaker and a committee of the whole chair, the NDP would have 42 seats to the Liberals’ 43.

“Fifty seven per cent of British Columbians voted for either the NDP or the Green Party and ironically, that’s not the kind of confidence we’ve had in the house in many, many years”.

Horgan said after 16 years in Opposition, he is excited about the prospect of governing.

Horgan also called on his party to work with the Liberals, where possible, in a future government.

“The idea that somehow a pipeline in a market where it doesn’t exist is going to create jobs in British Columbia is nothing more than a myth”, he said, subsequently highlighting the lack of a significant LNG industry operating in the province, despite previous assertions by the B.C. Liberal government. She has the option of resigning or introducing a throne speech and trying to gain the confidence the legislature.

“No, no, no”, said Clark, a half hour before Horgan and Weaver held a joint-news conference in Victoria that included members of both parties.

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