Continetti: This One Tweet May Lead to Trump’s Impeachment

“I’ve said many times both publicly and to the president directly – and I am not in a small group of people who have said this to him – that I think that Twitter is a great tool when used in the right way”, he reportedly said.

President Trump on Christian Broadcasting Network in late January said about his incessant tweeting behavior “I can do messages around the media and get my word out, the way I mean my word”.

“Well the president is the President of the United States, so I guess they’re considered statements by the President of the United States”, he said. And when Trump tweets his thoughts, they become the equivalent of official White House statements without all of the sanitizing that traditional White House statements go through.

Trump’s “honest and unfiltered” message is going to get his policies blocked and his ass impeached. We can only surmise that Trump absolutely loves that the half-formed ideas he stole from Fox News morning shows now look so presidential.

“But using it and using it wisely can be two different things”, the reporter said.

The tweets also come one day after lawyers across the ideological spectrum say Trump undercut his own legal case by tweeting about a pending Supreme Court case on the travel ban – in which he took aim at his own Justice Department for arguing for “watered-down, politically correct version”.

This could mean that Scavino plans to force Trump to unblock those users, but the unusual phrasing (Trump “will not stop” – as opposed to start – communicating with the whole country) indicates that Scavino more likely misunderstands the letter.

Trump’s critics charge that by tweeting whatever is on his mind, he appears unstable and unreliable, which is all the more problematic in a world which doubts America’s credibility.

Or maybe Trump’s staff, as they had hoped to do, successfully distracted the President over these past 37 hours – keeping him from thinking too much, and therefore tweeting too much about the situation.

“It’s effective for the same reason he won the primary and the campaign”, said a former campaign adviser who remains in close contact with the Trump White House.

“I think it’s just the obsession over every detail of the president’s tweets“, she said.

Donald Trump is a big fan of Twitter. Yet the president’s tweets, while informal, do not stick to topics of no effect.

FOLKENFLIK: Trump has reportedly told aides he plans to live tweet tomorrow while James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill.

“This White House will continue to be on offense or defense, and that offense includes shaming people or guilting them, or telling them to be responsible, by telling them to cover things like the infrastructure investment”, Conway said on Fox News.

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