Man charged with battery in racially charged incident recorded at Starbucks

A 23-year-old man from Chicago has been charged after an incident caught on film.

In the video, Boucher said: “You’re disgusting”, to an unidentified man after the coffee-spilling incident in the Starbucks.

“We have absolutely no tolerance for this type of behavior in our stores, and are grateful to the partners (employees) and customers who stepped in to help until officers arrived.”

The incident spills out onto the street outside the store where Boucher yells at an unidentified black man: “Your children are vermin”.

The unidentified 59-year-old man who was punched had to be treated at a local hospital for an eye injury. Now, a new disturbing viral video has emerged of a Chicago man spitting at people, punching a man and going on a racist rant at a Starbucks Tuesday before he was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, reports ABC7.

Boucher then spat at the man whose children he had called “disposable vermin”, the video shows.

“In an ironic twist given the allegations and the video footage, William Boucher had, in January of 2016, posted in defense of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman who was kicked out of a pro-Donald Trump rally”.

Outside, Boucher walked up to an unidentified black man videotaping the incident.

Boucher is scheduled to appear in court on July 5.

During the argument, Boucher suggested the black man should be tagged with a bar code with his Social Security number. Witnesses who saw what happened chased after Boucher and held him down until police arrived and arrested him.

When Boucher hurls a loogie at the Black man recording him, the two begin to scuffle before the fight is broken up. Do not talk to me!” and letter demanding the unknown man to “Get on all fours right now! Don’t walk away on two legs!’

The man walked out of the coffee shop when Boucher followed him outside, screaming, “Hey, slave, come here!” The man falls to ground in video. The video shows bystanders who intervened also tackling Boucher.

“When I was coming to work, I was not expecting to see that”, Torres said.

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