Will Nevada Be the First State to Adopt ‘Medicaid for All’?

Without even conducting any public hearings, the Republican-dominated House of Representatives recently rushed through to passage a health care bill. “We need Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan more than ever to help protect our children by rejecting any health bill that ends the Medicaid expansion no matter the timing”.

The New York Health Plan Association is questioning the legality of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s emergency move on Monday to deny insurers entrance into Medicaid and other markets if they withdraw their Affordable Care Act plans in the state.

The Hansens were among the scores of people who participated in a march and rally Saturday in downtown Salt Lake City in support of protecting access to affordable and quality health care. That’s because the federal government, which splits the cost for Medicaid with each state individually, contributes a below-average amount of money to pay for all other Medicaid patients in Colorado.

“The higher costs would range to 2.5 times more in West Virginia to 4.5 times more in MA with the cost sharing growing higher each and every year”, said Edwin Park, Vice President for Health Policy at the CBPP in a press call. “The American Health Care Act puts Medicaid on a budget and gives states the flexibility to innovate and tailor their programs to their own needs”.

Today, more than 1,000,000 Floridians with disabilities rely on Medicaid for healthcare coverage; coverage that the advocate groups worry would be cut to the vanishing point if the House bill also makes it through the Senate without significant changes. The time has certainly arrived to fix our broken health care system, replacing it with one that is simpler to understand, covers everyone, saves lives, and would cut our health care costs in half.

The “good news” is that customers who purchase ACA exchange plans through the state’s expanded Medicaid program won’t see any increase, since they aren’t paying for the insurance in the first place.

“It’s a major fear for me as the dad to try and figure out how to keep my son alive”, Mark Hansen said.

The divide between health outcomes for the richest and poorest Americans is among the largest in the world, according to a new study. However, the new legislation faces an uncertain future in the Senate.

Medicaid provides health and long-term care coverage to more than 70 million low-income children, pregnant women, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities throughout the country. “There are issues about the legality and timing of the directive to ban plans that don’t participate on the exchange from the Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Essential Plan markets, and the impact it might have on the overall marketplace in NY”.

While some GOP members of Congress have suggested these individuals could find coverage in the commercial insurance market, a second Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report found this was unlikely.

Colorado could be on the hook for spending close to $700 million more per year by 2023 if the federal government does away with its enhanced contribution to the Medicaid expansion, according to a new report released Tuesday. “Alaska is like no other state”. Costs will continue to go up, and the state won’t have matching payments.

While the House-passed AHCA seeks to lower premiums, health care costs have received less attention, even as some industry leaders say costs should be the focus.

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