Apple’s Cheapest 13-inch MacBook Pro Is No Longer Available

The 12-inch MacBook got the largest makeover with a new 16GB RAM option, up from a maximum of 8GB, Kaby Lake processor, and inherited the keyboard mechanism from the 2016 MacBook Pro. While the new 10.5 version offers a larger screen, it’s the same dimensions as the 9.7, thanks to a smaller bezel in the 2017 model. Almost all of the tablet’s cool new features come baked into iOS 11, which won’t be released until sometime in September. The ad, called “A new kind of power”, is a little bit out of Apple’s typical style, featuring blaring and overhyped vocals, the kind one hears on overly macho ads.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro model also has upgraded graphics from an Intel HD graphics 530 to an Intel HD Graphics 630.

The new iPad Pro models will be available next week in Apple retail stores and through select carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers in the United States and 37 additional countries and regions.

To be fair with Apple, Surface Pros have always been made to match the power of laptops.

Last but not least are ports: Both have USB-C physical ports, but the MacBook only has one, while the Pro has two. The 12-inch MacBook was last updated earlier previous year with faster chips and a rose gold color option. I found myself using the iPad Pro a lot more than my iPhone over the last few days, simply because I could get more done with it.

Overall, the screen quality of the iPad Pro 10.5 is stunning in so many ways – but there’s still the question of whether it’s actually overkill. While the 9.7in and original 12.9in models managed 4844 and 5095 respectively, the 10.5in iPad Pro ranked a staggering 9380.

When playing video things shouldn’t be that much different to normal, so don’t worry that your movies will look weird – the dynamic refresh rate is there to save battery as much as anything.

Of course, when you say iPad Pro, it won’t be complete without the Apple Pencil, which has also been significantly improved. Some of these features will apply to older iPads as well, of course. Or touch and drag an app to open it in a split-screen view. Cleverly, Apple has broadened this interactive grammar beyond the single-pointer, single-operation choices we’re used to with a computer mouse or a smartphone finger. Apple then explains that with the new iPad Pro, drawing with the Apple Pencil renders no lag whatsoever, akin to writing on paper in real life.

Starting at £619 for 64GB and running to £889 for 512GB, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is a big step up in price over the tablet it replaces. It’s a more exciting update than it might initially seem: The screen is bigger and brighter than before, and the new A10X Fusion chipset makes this model one of the most powerful in Apple’s Pro lineup. This feature gives you a narrow touchscreen above the keyboard.

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