Cop saves dog from Lake Michigan

A dog involved in a auto crash ran from the scene and fell into Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Juan Farris, a probationary officer who responded to the call, raced over, spread himself out on the ground and hoisted the struggling dog out of the water.

Police said four cars crashed on Lake Shore Drive near Ohio Street Beach, after a Toyota Camry swerved in front of a GMC Terrain. The dog was inside one of the vehicles, but it’s still unclear which one. Police were able to pull the dog out of the lake to safety. The Terrain then struck a Chevy Malibu, which crashed into a Dodge Durango. Passengers inside both the Terrain and Malibu were sent to Northwest Memorial Hospital for treatment where they remain with conditions unknown.

Police initially said the driver of the Camry tried to run away after the crash and was taken into custody, but later said that person was unrelated to the crash.

After the collision, the dog took off from one of the cars and made his plunge (or hesitant tip, really) into the water.

An officer grabbed the animal, and police managed to put a leash on it.

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