Surgeons Remove Almost 30 Pounds Of Feces From Colon

A CT scan revealed that his colon had become distended and was storing an amount of feces so large that it “looked like [it] could explode at any time”, explained Dr. Yin Lu, who operated on the young man, The Mirror reported. It was hard for him to breathe when he visited the hospital in Shanghai last week.

Tests conducted indicated that the man had months – even years – worth of faeces stored in a portion of his colon, which caused his abdomen to swell.

The picture of Zhou’s colon is all over social media, and it is the worst thing you will see today.

Zhou had told doctors that he would regularly take laxatives, but they only helped reduce his discomfort. Zhou’s parents thought his condition was a little ailment and they did not treat him for years. The section that was removed weighed more than 28 pounds and was nearly 30 inches long. It eventually deteriorated until he required emergency treatment.

Doctor added that the procedure lasted three hours and removed the enlarged body part, according to Inverse Science. Nerve cells were missing from his colon prevented his large intestine from contracting normally which did not allow the waste matter to push out.

Hirschsprung’s disease is usually treated when those with the condition are infants, but in rare cases it can go undiscovered until adulthood.

Doctors diagnosed the man with congenital megacolon, which can lead to the bowels becoming paralyzed and cause fecal tumors.

Those with Hirschsprung’s disease are also prone to an intestinal infection called enterocolitis which can be life-threatening.

But don’t worry, folks, the patient was stitched up and is expected to make a full recovery.

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