79 now believed to have died in London high-rise fire


Police Commander Stuart Cundy says police will seek criminal prosecutions if the evidence warrants.

Hitting out at the “poor response” from the council and government, he said he had found “a community frustrated and angry”.

She said volunteers are now bringing to food packages to where these people are staying to help them cope but added that they had yet to see the money promised by the council.

London police say that the number of dead or missing in the high-rise apartment building fire is now 79.

Cmdr Cundy says the new number may change as investigation continues.

The Prime minister said there had been “huge frustrations” on the ground as people struggled to find information.

The force released new images and footage from inside the gutted building on Sunday that show the extent of the damage and highlight the challenge facing search teams.

“When an existing building is undergoing a renovation, upgraded fire safety measures may be required depending on the type of insulation and cladding proposed as part of the renovation”, he said. It is really hard to describe the devastation the fire caused.

The Prime Minister has confirmed that each affected household is going to receive £500 in cash, as well as £5,000 delivered through the Department of Work and Pensions.

The residents also assailed the Kensington city district and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization for its reaction to the disaster.

“There is also a real possibility that there may be people in the building that no one knows are missing”, he added.

He said displaced residents are “angry not simply at the poor response in the days afterwards from the council and the government, but the years of neglect from the council and successive governments”.

Following criticisms of the Kensington and Chelsea Council’s handling of the disaster, Paget-Brown said “lessons must be learned”. I’d urge anyone who has not yet provided us with material to please do so.

Later on Sunday, former United Kingdom chancellor Philip Hammond said the cladding material used on the building was banned on British high-rises.

“My understanding is the cladding in question, this flammable cladding which is banned in Europe and the U.S., is also banned here”, Hammond told the BBC earlier.

John Cowley, managing director of CEP Architectural Facades, which produced rainscreen panels and windows for Grenfell Tower’s cladding sub-contractor Harley Facades Ltd, said: “Reynobond PE is not banned in the UK”.

But Mark Cripps, a spokesman for Municipal Affairs Minister Bill Mauro, said the Ontario Building Code also stipulates that if “combustible cladding” is used on a building over three storeys, the structure must be equipped with automatic sprinkler protection.

“The key question now is whether the overall design of the building’s complete exterior was properly tested and subsequently signed off by the relevant authorities including the fire officer, building compliance officer and architect before commencement of the project”.

William, 34, hugged one of the fire’s victims when visiting a crisis centre on Friday.

Bishop Tomlin, who is speaking at Sunday’s service, said after the meeting that residents left feeling they had been listened to.

“I must consider the fact that there may be others in the building who, for whatever reason have not been reported to us”.

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