Kevin Durant on NBA Finals: ‘We’re still playing. This isn’t over’

When they met last summer in NY to discuss the biggest decision of his career, neither side even focused on winning titles.

That roster would give these Warriors a chance against any great team from the past – and gives most of their opponents no chance against them.

“We made enough plays tonight to win the ball game, but they made a couple more”.

– The Golden State Warriors went on an 11-0 run in the closing minutes, their rally capped by Kevin Durant’s go-ahead 3-pointer with 45 seconds to play, and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-113 in Game 3 of the NBA Finals tonight.

“So you get down in the fourth quarter, it’s a five-point game with six minutes left, you don’t say, oh, man, we’re down five, you just say there’s a ton of time left and let’s execute”.

“He definitely was their closer”, said Irving. Curry, victor of the last two MVP awards, is fully healthy after struggling through last year’s Finals.

Still, Durant isn’t looking too far ahead. He loves to play basketball, and loved the way the Warriors play it.

“We’re going to go home and watch the film to see ways we can be better. That’s exactly what happened throughout the season”, Durant said. “I did not feel it”, he said.

And that’s the opportunity in front of us, because all it is is just winning a championship and doing what you need to do to get that done.

Golden State, who also had 30 points from Klay Thompson and 26 from Stephen Curry, would become the first team in National Basketball Association history to make an unbeaten play-off run to the crown by winning game four on Friday in Cleveland.

James, who collapsed to the floor after running head-first into the shoulder of team-mate Tristan Thompson in the first quarter, led the way for Cleveland with 39 points while the impressive Kyrie Irving added 38. However, he could have really used a block in that moment.

The Cavs looked in control late in the fourth quarter-leading by 6 with 3:09 left.

James and Kyrie Irving combined for 77 points, dominating much of the second half, but even their electrifying performance was not enough to put a blemish on the Warriors’ flawless record.

“I’m not a past guy too much”, James said. “And that’s what he’s been doing”.

In Game 2, small forward Kevin Durant (33 points, 13 rebounds) and point guard Stephen Curry (32, 10, 11 assists) led the way for Golden State. This guy’s one of the best players in the league for a reason.

A hand that will soon have a championship ring.

It was then when Green and the Warriors unofficially began recruiting Durant, who signed a max deal just two weeks later.

“It took a while for it to kind of reveal itself consistently as the regular season went on, but once it clicked and the habits started to become second nature, it was kind of handsome to watch and an awesome kind of style to play and watch unfold”, Curry said.

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