Warriors to pay ‘whatever it takes’ to keep Stephen Curry

This was Durant’s second Finals appearance.

And if you’re a Golden State fan, that’s the real reason to celebrate.

Were those teams as super as this year’s Warriors?

“I mean, come on, you got a bunch of guys who are talented and can shoot and pass and dribble, and they’re unselfish”, Kerr said.

Durant, who joined from the Oklahoma City Thunder last summer, was key to the Warriors’ victory and their 16-1 post-season run – the best in the league’s history. Their first shot made was a strong resemblance of what the night revolved around: three pointers.

Kevin Durant produced another 30 plus point game, Steph Curry put up his usual 20 plus points after a Game four slump in Cleveland and Klay Thompson provided great defense. But seriously? I don’t quite agree with what Stephen A. Smith thinks about him, but I am getting exhausted of hearing him talk. In this series, I just stayed in the moment.

“I just try to do everything to help this team win and more”, James said.

Rumors that the biggest free agents want to play for the Los Angeles Lakers seem to surface every summer, but the noise about LeBron James’ potential desire to wear purple and gold are starting to get too loud to ignore. King James has made it to the Finals seven straight seasons, making him (and James Jones, of course) the only two players in National Basketball Association history not on the ’60s Celtics to make the Finals that many times in a row.

But in the end, the 32-year old couldn’t corral back-to-back championships.

I think within Cleveland and around the league, they feel that he’s very much in play to leave again and likely head out West to one of the two L.A. teams. “The beauty of what I know of this team, we all want to provide for our families, we want to get all that we can out of this game while we still have the legs to do it, but there are no egos when it comes to that side of the equation when it comes to us as professional athletes”.

Is King James finally giving up on his hairline? His loss at the hands of Golden State moved him to 3-5 in his eight trips to the finals. “It’s a compliment to the 14 guys that allow me to do that and the coaching staff”. We kept the lead at 6, 8 points, or the deficit. And then when I came back, we just kept going from there. Along with Curry that day were Iguodala, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. Cleveland put up record breaking offensive numbers and beat The Golden State Warriors at their own game.

But controversial policies and outlandish statements by President Donald Trump have upset many USA professional athletes, including players from the predominantly African American NBA.

“I’m just so happy for Kevin [Durant]”, Kerr said.

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