Did Rob Gronkowski really spend over $100K at a Foxwoods nightclub?

New England Patriots’ tight-end Rob Gronkowski appears to have done just that, after spending a night at the Foxwoods Resort Casino’s Shrine nightclub in CT, according to TMZ, which obtained a copy of the itemized receipt from the night. And no one spares no expense to have a good time or makes more news having a good time then the Patriots tight end. A PR rep from Shrine bar told the website that the receipt was authentic.

Gronk responded to the report on Twitter Monday night after it made rounds, saying he’d donate $100,000 to the Boston Children’s Hospital before he’d spend that amount of money on liquor.

Where Rob Gronkowski goes, the party follows – and it usually involves a lot of booze, even more dancing and nearly always the removal of clothing. This is where 100k + would go to before that.

Gronkowski’s friend, Robert Good, also refuted the report.

Another fishy thing about the bill? In fact, Gronk’s bill was so high it broke the suggested gratuity calculations at the bottom of the receipt.

Photographer Erik Lorch posted a photo from the club on Instagram suggesting Gronkowski and his group racked up a bar tab of $102,407, including $45,000 alone on two types of rosé. Those requirements include playing 90 percent of the team’s snaps and racking up over 1,200 yards or making the All-Pro list.

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