Galaxy Note 8 release date, price, and specs leaked

Indeed, this is all big news as it cements that Samsung won’t be folding the “Note” brand this year following last year’s Note7 disaster which delivered an embarrassing blow to the company’s reputation as it stumbled through the recall and cancellation of a device which was initially given rave reviews.

If you thought Samsung might price the Galaxy Note 8 in a modest manner, that might entice smartphone fans to give the range another chance, then reports on Friday blew that theory out of the water. The Note 8’s screen is expected to measure in at 6.3 inches, just a smidge larger that the S8+’s 6.2-inch display.

Does the Note 8 as described in today’s report interest you? To differentiate the device from the S-line, Samsung is said to include 6GB of RAM, a dual camera system with optical image stabilization, and its signature S-Pen. The fingerprint sensor will be retained on the back of the device, but this time, it is moved to the right of the flash and heart rate sensor.

When it comes to imaging, Samsung didn’t mention the camera specs but the phone may feature an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing cam just like last year’s version.

The real kicker for the Galaxy Note 8 will be its price, as it is enroute to becoming Samsung’s most expensive mass-consumer-level smartphone. Until Samsung releases the full set of specs themselves, there is no guarantee what the Galaxy Note 8 will contain. Blass says that the company is readying to launch the device near the end of September, and that it will look very similar to the Galaxy S8, with select components changed and upgraded throughout. The Note 8 will be available at launch in shades of black, blue and gold.

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