Morocco To Send Food To Qatar Amidst Gulf Diplomatic Crisis

Addressing lawmakers of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Ankara, Erdogan said “depriving Qatari people from food and water, travel, or worship is inhumane, non-Islamic”.

Turkey also is eager to maintain workable relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s foe with whom Doha’s critics say Qatar maintained excessively close ties.

They added that Qatar ignored repeated calls to abide by the Riyadh Agreement of 2013, its executive mechanism, and the supplementary agreement in 2014.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will meet a number of Gulf politicians in an effort to defuse the situation, in the wake of boycotts imposed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Egypt over accusations of collusion and funding terrorist groups. Turkey’s Parliament last week approved deploying troops to a Turkish base in Qatar. France has economic and military ties with Qatar and other Gulf states.

Mutlaq Al Qahtani said the Persian Gulf country hosted the Taliban at the “request of the United States government” and as part of Qatar’s “open-door policy, to facilitate talks, to mediate and to bring peace”. They’ve also hired former Attorney General John Ashcroft’s firm as its lobbyist, agreeing to pay US$2.5 million (S$3.45 million) to get help complying with USA money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations and to stress its efforts to combat global terrorism, according to disclosures filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The president called upon Saudi Arabia to solve the crisis as the leading country involved in the spat.

News stories from Tehran noted that two Iranian military ships would dock soon in Oman, as part of an antipiracy patrol.

Pakistan’s prime minister and army chief are heading to Saudi Arabia, where they hope to help ease tensions related to the Gulf diplomatic crisis.

Sharif’s office issued a statement on Tuesday, following his return from Saudi Arabia.

Yet last week, Trump turned viciously against Qatar, siding with its Arab neighbors in their blockade of the gas-rich nation, supposedly for its support of terrorism.

But al Thani disputed that Monday, saying that “if the problem is Iran, why have those measures been taken against Qatar, why not taken against Iran?”

The Arab states have also accused Doha of undermining other Arab countries and the Palestinian Authority with its backing of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

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