New polling shows Trump’s support slipping among Republicans

The poll says that 36 percent of Americans polled approve of President Trump’s job performance, while 57 percent disapprove. For instance, the latest survey from Gallup, on Sunday, found the president’s approval rating to be almost 10 points lower than where Rasmussen had it on Monday. On Feb. 21, the approval rating was 39 percent.

The poll also found that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey over Trump when it comes to the Russian investigation. A third of Americans say his approach to the issue has made their opinion of him worse, and his handling of that matter gets lower marks than any of his others, like the economy or terrorism, for which he rates higher.

Trump’s administration has been surrounded by scandal as Democrats accuse him of obstruction of justice and imply that members of his campaign worked with Russian Federation. Of those who identify as Republican, 24 percent believe Comey and 64 percent believe the president more.

Meanwhile, Trump has shown little interest in the multiple congressional investigations into Russia’s cyber attacks on the campaign.

For most Republicans, that criticism doesn’t lead them to question President Trump.

A gender divide remains: as they have from the start of his presidency, men are more likely than women to approve of the job Mr. Trump is doing.

Americans also believe that he’s been criticized more than recent presidents.

The poll was conducted by telephone from June 15 to 18 among a random sample of 1,117 adults nationwide.

Although it found Trump’s approval rating to be only 40 percent, which Zogby says “is low for a beginning president”, Trump scored higher than nearly every other key political figure included in the poll. The recent numbers from the Quinnipiac University poll show that the support from those who voted for him, which mostly were Republicans and whites without a college degree, based on statistics, has declined by seven and 10 points, respectively.

According to Gallup data, President Obama’s lowest approval rate among his own party during his eight years in office was also 72 percent, three years into his presidency in October 2011.

Rasmussen poll results released about five months into Obama’s first term – on June 16, 2009 – had his approval rating at 56%.

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