OnePlus 5 doesn’t actually have 2x optical zoom – confirmed

The OnePlus 5 features a dual lens camera similar to the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera when it comes to design an even user interface.

The OnePlus 5 is one of the most anticipated phones of the season, and you can already buy it in various markets. The dual camera uses a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens to achieve high-quality stills in Portrait mode as well as those that are zoomed in. The EXIF data also revealed that the OnePlus 5’s digital zoom is only capable of 1.5x optical zoom by default. Now another minor controversy has hit the brand new handset: it turns out that while it is strongly suggested that the OnePlus 5 has lossless 2x optical zoom, that is not actually the case. While likely accurate, this still means that the OnePlus 5 still doesn’t feature the advertised true 2x zoom. So 0.4x of the OnePlus 5’s claimed 2x zoom is actually just a simple software trick, rather than the real optical zoom that’s so prized by photographers.

A Reddit user that goes by the handle ‘kumu_bandara‘ analyzed the EXIF data of an image shot with the OnePlus 5 that was shot at 1.33x zoom, showing data that indicates the zoom measures in at just 1.33x.

Although Pei mentions the use of “SmartCapture multiframe technology” in his recent tweet, there is no explanation for the marketing term from OnePlus.

Qualcomm explained in its press release that Smart Capture combines optical zoom with image stabilization and multi-frame image enhancement technologies to deliver a smooth zoom experience between the OnePlus 5’s two cameras for recording high quality videos from a wide range of distances, with greater clarity. No, really, it isnt optical or lossless, the camera isnt 20MP either.

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