E3 2017: Xbox One X Will Indeed Support VR

At least not yet, according to a recent interview with Business Insider (via GameSpot.) The recently revealed console is categorized as being “in a different league” with specifications surpassing its competitors and almost doubling in power of its predecessor.

Even at $499 United States dollars, the company will sell the new console of Xbox One X at a loss. Although you can capture videos at 4K/60 fps on the Xbox One X.

For his part, Spencer believes the Xbox One X is on an island all its own in the console market and doesn’t actually have a competitor.

Despite the big push by Microsoft for Xbox One X, Spencer noted that “the majority of our consoles that are sold next year will be [Xbox One S]”.

Spencer touted his console’s superior GPU, CPU, RAM, and while those are facts, it is also a fact that Xbox One S is nowhere in the same league as PlayStation 4 Pro.

A new game called “Metro: Exodus” takes advantage of the Xbox One X’s processing power to dazzle with 4K visuals (alongside a mountain of visual detail). So, when I stood on-stage and I said this will be the best place to play all those games, there’s nothing technically that would keep any developer from not making that true.

So far, there are around 390 Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One, but only two original Xbox games were announced.

PC Gamer will be putting up the full interview with Spencer soon, but you can read the original article, plus a few extra quotes, right here. “People know we have “Gears” and “Halo” in our portfolio, and we’re working on other things that aren’t on this list…”

Ultimately the sales figures will show whether or not the value is truly in Microsoft’s favor, or if gamers will opt for the more robust selection of first-party exclusives and third-party exclusive content that the PS4 has benefited from since its launch. So, in terms of the hardware inside the console, you’re getting your money’s worth, especially if you consider you’re benefitting from Microsoft’s negotiating clout with the suppliers who provide the parts for the Xbox One X.

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