Eritrea sides with Saudi and allies over row with Qatar

The crisis has put Turkey in a hard position as it views Qatar as one of its chief allies in the region, but Ankara also seeks to avoid damaging relations with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states.

The tiny, oil-rich Gulf state was plunged into a socioeconomic crisis early in June after neighbouring Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates blockaded the country, which they accused of supporting Islamist terrorist groups.

Ethiopia said today it supports Kuwaiti’s initiative aimed at engaging both sides into dialogue to narrow differences.

Pakistan has opted to remain neutral in the ongoing tussle between Saudi-led coalition and Qatar whereas efforts have been accelerated for diplomatic solution to the quandary engulfing the Persian Gulf.

“For Eritrea, this is a timely issue that warrants its active support”, it noted.

Turkey has been left in a delicate position with Qatar a chief Gulf ally but also enjoying good relations with Saudi Arabia. Qatar has vehemently denied the charges.

On Sunday Qatar Airways reported a 21.7% rise in net profit in its last financial year that ended in March, fuelled by a strategy of investment and expansion.

ICCI President Khalid Iqbal Malik said that the whole Muslim Umma was disturbed over the brewing tensions in the Gulf region involving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They confirmed that the three countries will not hesitate to confront these attempts and will address any act targeting their national security and stability of their peoples. An agreement on a Turkish military base in Qatar was signed in 2014.

Qatar’s port authority said its cargo will go through Sohar, as well as Oman’s port at Salalah, bypassing the need to dock in any of those countries that have cut ties.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said the move by Saudi Arabia and its allies was an “illegal blockade”.

Kuwait has been involved in trying to mediate the dispute. The Eritrean Information Ministry statement of support came despite previously close ties with Qatar.

Erdogan called on Saudi Arabia’s king as the leader of the region to resolve the impasse.

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