Airbus concedes defeat to Boeing in Paris order race

The European planemaker said it won 326 net new orders and commitments against its estimate of a comparable Boeing tally of 443, excluding conversions from other models to support the launch of the Boeing 737 MAX 10.

The biggest disclosed buyer at the Paris Expo, GE Capital Aviation Services, ordered 100 Airbus planes valued at $10.8 billion and converted 20 Boeing production slots from previous purchases to the Max 10. Leahy took issue with claims by Boeing that the Boeing 737 MAX 10 is 5 percent more efficient to operate than the Airbus A321neo, which has outsold the smaller 737 MAX 9 by about four to one.

Airbus and Boeing underscored the continued demand strength, principally in the large single-aisle plane sector, with several billion dollars of deals on Tuesday, the second day of the Paris Air Show.

Boeing now expects 29,530 deliveries in the medium-haul single-aisle category, which is popular with low-priced airlines.

The 737 MAX 10 is aimed at the biggest part of the commercial airline market – single-aisle aircraft for medium-range flights – and scooped up 326 orders worth almost United States dollars 40 billion at list prices as the jet promises even more fuel economy thanks to improvements to aerodynamics and engine performance.

Airbus, meanwhile, agreed a provisional $5 billion deal with low-priced carrier Viva Air Peru for 50 A320 jets, confirming a Reuters report. “Yes”, he told a news conference. Iran is coming back from years under worldwide sanctions.

While it trailed Boeing this year, Airbus had moved first to offer airlines an updated model offering greater fuel efficiency a few years ago. Boeing trimmed its 20-year forecast for average global traffic growth to 4.7 per cent from 4.8 per cent.

Boeing’s total somewhat surpasses Airbus’ as it counts aircrafts with 90 seats and above while its French rival starts at 100 seats.

USA aircraft manufacturing company Boeing outdone French rival Airbus with the most orders at the 52 International Paris Air Show this week.

Airbus, however, maintains an edge over Boeing in its total backlog. But Paris disappointed the newer jet manufacturers, like Bombardier. US states will woo Boeing for new factories, and suppliers around the world will vie to build a part of the jet. “Yes”, said Airbus COO of Commercial Customers, John Leahy in comments reported by Reuters, Thursday.

“We have 1.3 billion people in our country, they need to travel to different parts of the world and they don’t necessarily need to travel through the hubs that have been created by several airlines on both sides of our country”, said SpiceJet CEO Ajay Singh. Boeing also announced commitments for more than 30 additional single-aisle and widebody planes. I’m sorry, but you can’t do it.

(This version of the story corrects paragraph nine to show order was from Viva Air, not Viva Air Peru).

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