Seven New Features Incorporated on Apple iOS 11 Beta 2

To test out the new iOS, Apple had unleashed the first beta version of the iOS 11 for the developers.

As with previous iOS jailbreaking efforts, Chen’s iOS 11 jailbreak accomplishment should be taken lightly for now. So, without further delay, let us discuss why quickly updating to the newest operating system can be a mistake. In practice even during the initial iOS 11 beta, the new speed limit feature is both accurate and quick to update.

Yet, this process can be flawed; especially when it comes to interaction between non-apple products or apps that may suddenly become incompatible with the new system.

Lock screen and Control Center get totally redesigned. So in case you’re inside a shopping center, for example, the Indoor Map of that area will give you data like the particulars of floors of the building, helping users locate a particular store, restrooms, and much more.

A persistent Dock at the bottom of iPad display makes it easy to launch and switch between apps.

With the new beta, Android Migration now works as intended, Bluetooth communication is more reliable and apps over 100MB can be downloaded over cellular. There’s also a hidden gesture that allows you to screenshot CarPlay by either double tapping or long pressing these signal bars. The update resolves an issue that prevented enabling FileVault on APFS volumes, and the company has also incorporated improvements to Messages, OpenCL, FileVault and other apps and services.

Just like Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari web browser is opening up gates for the users to try a few several experimental features such as Web Animations, WebGPU, CSS Spring Animations, and more.

Recently, Apple has unleashed a second beta version of the iOS 11 for the developers and it is live now. The cost is $99 a year for an Apple developer’s account. There have been two betas that were seeded already for iOS 11, so you might not want to check out iOS 10.3.3 Beta 4. The point of beta testing is to find the bugs and squash them.

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