Bengaluru startup CEO loses arm after crocodile attack

The 26-year-old IIT graduate, Mudit Dandawate, is now undergoing treatment at Hosmat Hospital in Bengaluru.

On Sunday morning, Dandwate – a resident of Indiranagar – and his female friend had gone to Mahadeshwara temple, located 38 km from city centre. Mudit Dandwarte, who runs a healthcare startup, is in the ICU now after massive blood loss. “The crocodile ripped the forearm and swallowed it as Mudit was left on the lake bed bleeding profusely”, said Dr Thomas Chandy, Chief of Orthopaedics, Hosmat Hospital, who is treating him. But when a lot of them backed out, he and another friend made a decision to go on a long drive in the friend’s vehicle and set off from Indiranagar where Dandwate stays. The duo was accompanied by two dogs, which began running towards the lake when they saw water and jumped into it.

A juvenile crocodile attacked them around 7.30 am while they were in the lake. He failed to notice the signboard warning about the lake infested with crocodiles. From there, Dandwate was shifted to Hosmat Hospital.

On his friend’s screaming for help, four forest officials reached the site of the incident to their rescue. The thrashing crocodile latched on to his left arm as he tried to scramble and get away. “It will be closed only once we are sure it won’t turn infectious”, a doctor said.

“A crocodile bite is powerful and has crushed the arm, just like in the case of any industrial accident”. A crocodile bite is toxic as well.

A case has been reportedly registered against him for trespassing the restricted forest area, reports said. “So we are now performing medical procedure called debridement, where is hand is being cleaned several time to make sure there is no infection”, said Thomas Chandy, Chief of Orthopaedics, Hosmat hospital according to the TOI reports.

According to The News Minute report, Dandwate will have to undergo a surgery and will be given prosthetic arm after a few months.

Officials of the forest department, which has taken over investigation into the incident, claimed there were boards at the lake warning about crocodiles.

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