UFC Fighter Craps Her Pants, She And Other Fighters React

Herrig and Kish swung early and the two went to the ground. While Kish battled out, it took everything she had in her (bowels) to do so. Do work Lil’ Bulldog!

Herrig has been competing in combat sports for most of her adult life but she came up short in numerous spotlight moments throughout her career. Kish dropped some elbows.

Kish took it in her stride, though.

Kish comes in for a few body kicks but is eating some nice shots from Herrig. They traded punches. A cut near Kish’s right eye formed. A knee landed for Kish. Herrig scored a judo throw. Kish reversed her opponent.

The final frame began and Kish kept swinging. Herrig scored a takedown. Kish got up, but Herrig backpacked her and licked in a rear-naked choke. Herrig locks in the choke pretty deep as she hops on Kish’s back, it’s in extremely deep for a good period of time, but Kish is somehow able to escape.

Herrig gets full mount and unleashes some nasty ground-and-pound. The final horn sounded with Herrig in control.

That’s all changed lately with Herrig making improvements to her training and mental approach to fighting, and the result has paid off with a three-fight win streak, including her latest victory this weekend.

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