Martellus Bennett Says Tom Brady Isn’t Best Quarterback He’s Played With

Tight end Martellus Bennett has never been shy about sharing his opinions. The former Pro Bowler had Brady ranked at No. 2, but gave the top spot to his new quarterback, the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers. But Cutler did beat out the Giants’ Eli Manning (4) and the Cowboys’ Tony Romo (5). After playing with Brady for one season, Bennett said he emerged a better player, learning “how to play and being in a role”.

Bennett said the frustration he experienced in Dallas had more to do with his own circumstance rather than any individual or the coaching staff. It’s also worth noting that the quarterbacks are ranked in the same order in which he played with them. And of course he’s going to put his current quarterback, Rodgers, ahead of his last one, Brady.

Ultimately, this just becomes a talking point and adds a little offseason chatter to the NFL’s dead time.

His brother was not much more complementary “I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage”, Martellus said. So usually if I’m running a deep over route and I’m catching it 17 yards on the number on the other side, with Tom, he might throw it in between the ‘backers.

He shared the following about working with both Brady and Rodgers.

He later walked those comments back a bit, saying he loves Witten as a player and still watches tape of the Cowboys tight end to see what techniques he can incorporate into his game. Through eight seasons, he got to play with better passers than most guys ever get to play with.

“And with Aaron, his ball is a little bit different”, Bennett continued.

“I just learned a lot about football just from him”, he told former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest. “He can whip things a little bit different, you know. Like, my body language is totally different for him”.

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