Modi condemns killings by so-called cow protectors in India

“I return the National Minority Rights Award, which has lost all its credibility, in protest against the consistent attacks and killings of the members of the minority communities and total inaction, apathy and tacit support to the violent gangs by the government”, Hashmi said in a letter to the commission.

In Mumbai, hundreds including some Bollywood actors gathered under umbrellas in pouring rain to demonstrate.

The Muslim victims said an argument over seats quickly turned into a brutal attack, with the mob accusing them of being “beef-eaters”.

One brother said the attackers accused them of carrying beef, a meat popular among many Indian Muslims but shunned by most of the country’s Hindus, who revere cows as sacred.

Many Muslims in India have been assaulted and killed in cow-related violence in recent years.

Mobs of angry Hindus are increasingly killing “beef-eaters”, cattle traders, and dairy farmers in India, with at least four mobs and two lynchings since April.

“The violence against Muslims and cow-vigilante groups have not elicited a single tweet of condemnation from India’s social media savvy prime minister, who is quick to condemn atrocities all over the world”.

Muslims constitute about 14 percent of India’s 1.3 billion people.

That attack was just one of five such killings in the last three months – nearly all of them in broad daylight and in busy public areas.

Over the last two years, vigilante groups, calling themselves cow protectors, have become active in small towns and cities across India. The activists also condemned the murder of Muslim youngster Hafiz Junaid aboard a Delhi-Mathura train.The silent protest was part of nation-wide protest held simultaneously across Delhi, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Allahabad, Chandigarh and other cities.Among prominent people who took part in the protest include Prof.

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