‘PH-China relations enter new era of development under Duterte’ – Zhao

“When I first visited China in October 2016, our governments agreed to address the emerging threats of terrorism and piracy in Mindanao”, Duterte added, after witnessing the turnover ceremony.

The two countries have overlapping territorial claims in the strategic waterbody and feuded bitterly under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s predecessor, Benigno Aquino III.

Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua said Thursday night that the good relations of the two countries will further improve with Hong Kong now serving as “a window to demonstrate China’s historic development to the world”.

Despite Duterte’s criticism of Washington, the US military has been providing intelligence and logistical support for Philippine troops as they fight to clear Marawi of militants aligned with the Islamic State group.

China donated 15 million pesos ($297,000) a day earlier to help rehabilitate Marawi.

The Philippines is open to joint military exercise with Chinese military, Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Ana Maria Paz Banaag told MalacaƱang reporters on June 29.

“This is not only to strengthen our country’s commitment to support each other during times of need, but also highlights the dawn of a new era in Philippine-Chinese relations”, Duterte said.

Duterte also said that the government welcomes help from its global partners in rebuilding Marawi.

He also announced the Chinese government and its military forces will continue to firmly support the Duterte administration’s fight against terrorism.

The Chinese ambassador Zhao Jianhua said a “second batch” of weapons would soon be delivered.

The President recalled that seven months after this visit to China, terrorist groups launched a rebellion in Marawi City, leading China to reiterate its offer to help.

Duterte said in a televised speech that troops don’t intend to kill civilians, but they should “not hesitate to engage just because there are civilians. This invitation extends to our allies who share with us the principles of goodwill and non-interference in our domestic affairs”, he said.

The President added that he was praying for the conflict to end soon so that he could lift martial law.

It said the Department Order 174 issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) was not the fulfillment of his promise to ban all forms of contractualization as it continues to permit contractualization and allows manpower agencies to take a cut from workers’ salaries.

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